The Lean Builder

The Lean Builder

I am frequently asked, what is the right way to buy labor and materials? Should you use turnkey suppliers and trades or should you purchase and negotiate labor and material separately.

Last year PB received an official complaint letter from a high level staffer at the AIA, basically saying that I was being unfair to Architects.

If asked, I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite author, but if forced to choose just one I would go with Antoine St. Exupery.

One of the greatest misconceptions about Lean process and methods is that they cheapen the product.

The accompanying picture was used recently with what was an otherwise good article on how to create profitable design.

Recently I was asked to present to a group of purchasing managers for a Top 20 builder, led by a Corporate VP who truly gets it when it comes to Lean.

Henry Ford was a genius and if not father of the automobile per se, he was arguably father of the automotive industry.

In the past month I have had the opportunity to present to and spend time with two different groups of 25 successful, independent lumber & material dealers.

Both my grandfathers were self-made men who did well during the Great Depression and retired quite comfortably, if not wealthy by today’s standards.

Lean savings that go direct to the trades don’t reduce the builder’s costs, right?


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