Codes and Standards

Longer permit processing times feared to increase housing costs

Photo: Ref54/Creative Commons.

March 16, 2016

The wait can take as long as six to eight months—up from two to three months in some hot markets.

Northern Michigan fire raises concerns about firefighter safety on structures with metal roofs

Photo: buyo/Creative Commons.

March 15, 2016

The roofs make it very hard to get suppression penetration into the attic and into the involved areas of the home.

Entire house moves to track path of the sun

Photo: Yusuke Takahashi/Creative Commons.

March 14, 2016

The combined rotation of the building and roof produces 25,000 kWh/year of electricity, five times as much energy as a home of comparable size would typically use.

South Carolina getting $157 million in federal aid to recover from severe flooding

Flood in Sumpter County, S.C., in 2015. Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture/Creative Commons.

March 11, 2016

The funds will help with unmet housing, economic development, and infrastructure needs after thousands of homes and small businesses were damaged or destroyed last October.

Nationwide clash over net metering threatens solar panel market

Photo: Marufish/Creative Commons.

March 10, 2016

More than 25 of the 40 U.S. states with net metering policies are reportedly reconsidering them. 

Tiny house company founder believes tiny house trend will last

Photo: Tammy Strobel/Creative Commons.

March 09, 2016

A 200-home development in Salida, Colo., will be the largest tiny house community in the country.

Japanese ‘deathtrap’ house raises questions about western building codes

Photo: Jesus Rodriguez/Creative Commons.

March 08, 2016

This is an example of a “deathtrap” house that raises philosophical questions about common code elements. 

U.S. Supreme Court lets San Jose affordable housing law stand

Apartments in San Jose. Photo: David Sawyer/Creative Commons.

March 07, 2016

The law requires housing developers to include below-market priced units for low-income buyers on any new housing projects in the city.

Risk of health problems from Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring higher than previously thought

Photo: Dwight Burdette/Wikimedia Commons.

March 03, 2016

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that people who purchased the Chinese-made flooring are about three times more likely to get cancer than it had calculated earlier. 

Consumer optimism over home purchasing drops

Photo: David Sawyer/Creative Commons.

March 03, 2016

Fannie Mae’s January Home Purchase Sentiment Index dropped 1.7% from December.


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