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Millennials Have Higher Level of Dissatisfaction with Local Housing Options

A panel of Gen Y real estate professionals from around the country speak at the 2015 Urban Land Institute Spring Meeting. Screenshot courtesy of Urban Land Institute via YouTube.

May 19, 2015

Millennials polled by the Urban Land Institute say keeping a healthy and active lifestyle is key

Image of a road--employees are traveling farther to get to work, study finds.
May 18, 2015

As commuting distance grows, nearby housing affordability does not, studies find

More Boomer Retirees Want to Upsize
May 18, 2015

Boomers gravitate to markets with a lower price per square foot

More Millennials Rent, and More Want to Own
May 14, 2015

The number of homeowning respondents went down from five years ago, but more respondents said they see themselves owning five years from now.

Denver Home Prices Accelerated the Fastest

StoneWolf Photo/Flickr

April 29, 2015

Denver and Dallas are the only cities in the nation where prices have surpassed their housing boom peak

Housing Experts Say to Break from Stagnation, Regulatory Reform is Needed

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

April 22, 2015

What do housing experts think is needed for the housing market to fully recover?

U.S. Housing Stock Not Prepared for the Rise of Singles
April 21, 2015

More than a quarter of households in the U.S. now consist of one person living alone

Happy retirees like the ones pictured here have more freedom to choose where they want to live.
April 09, 2015

Merrill Lynch/Age Wave study finds that as people enter their 50s and 60s, they have more freedom to choose where they want to live

Power lines carrying electricity.
April 08, 2015

Between 1980 and 2009 energy consumption per U.S. household declined despite the increased number of larger houses with more personal computers, large-screen TVs, and other electricity-consuming gadgets in the U.S.

"Now hiring" sign to attract new employees.
April 08, 2015

The housing market is continuing its trek toward recovery, and as a result, construction is up in the U.S. 


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