Photo Credit: Gray Watson, Wikimedia Creative Commons

June 06, 2016

A neighborhood in Fontana, Calif. is one of the largest experiments in the country to see if net-zero is ready for wider use

June 06, 2016

Apps for communicating, drawing, and managing documents and schedules are among the favorites.

June 06, 2016

For Broofield's Dave Bartlett, walkable doesn't apply just to downtown and urban neighborhoods

Do You Know Your Breakeven Point?

House in Salinas, Calif. Photo: BrendelSignature/Wikimedia Commoms

June 06, 2016

To meet sales, marketing, and profit objectives, a firm grasp on a precise number isn’t just a good idea—it’s essential.

Photo: Wikijazz/Wikimedia Commons.

June 06, 2016

Making the most of innovations in energy efficiency demands a technical understanding of the whys and hows behind the codes themselves. Here’s how to bone up on what your code official will be looking for 

Terra Group’s newest community, the 121-acre Botaniko Weston, Miami

Miami-based Terra Group’s newest community, the 121-acre Botaniko Weston, will have 125 single-family homes with sleek, modern design. Image: courtesy Terra Group

June 06, 2016

In the land of the giants, local builders make their stand, sale by sale


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