Take a virtual tour of the innovative model homes featured at Professional Builder's 2012 Show Village at IBS in February. The three-day event showcased three distinct demonstration homes tailored to meet the needs of different buyer groups. Learn more about the three homes: Cape Cod, Infill Duplex, Net Zero Eco Cottage.


Show VillageNow in its 13th year, Professional Builder’s Show Village is the premier show-home exhibit at the International Builders’ Show. Each year, Professional Builder partners with modular home manufacturers Nationwide Homes and Palm Harbor Homes and dozens of building product manufacturers to build three cutting-edge model homes in the convention center parking lot at IBS.

This year, Show Village featured three distinct models aimed at different buyers — a net-zero-energy cottage for resort and guest-house clients; an infill duplex for urban and dense-suburban buyers; and a Cape Cod-inspired house for traditional families. All three homes featured dozens of innovative building products. To take a virtual tour of the three models: Cape Cod, Infill Duplex, Net Zero Eco Cottage.

Check out the photo gallery for a closer look at this year’s homes!

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