• Fire Island
  • Country Home
  • BASF Home
  • Ultimate Kitchen

Fire Island

A stellar ocean view from the site made it intuitive to design a
reverse floor plan with the primary living space upstairs maximizing views.

Country Home

A timber framed core is used to give volume to the main interior space. This approach is used to fuel usage, and maximize the architectural features.

High Performance

BASF presents a home demonstrating affordable strategies to reach Beyond Net-Zero therefore allowing builders to offer more to their clientele.

Ultimate Kitchen

The ultimate kitchen presented by Food & Wine and Professional Remodeler magazine features the work of one of the industry's top designers and trend makers.

Exploring Show Village 2014

After 15 years, Professional Builder's Show Village is not slowing down. Some of the newest trends and innovations in residential design and construction will be on display in the annual showhome exhibit at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas, Feb. 4-6, 2014.

The Las Vegas Convention Center's main parking lot will be the site of Show Village, which will feature a modern, upside down home, a cutting-edge traditional home, and an inventive living kitchen.

Professional Builder partnered with California-based Cutting Edge Building Group for both houses, Texas-based Palm Harbor Homes for the kitchen, and dozens of product manufacturers. The houses take modular construction to a new level by utilizing modules and SmartPanels to create economical solutions that offer the aesthetics buyers desire in a high-end home.

"It's a modular core system. You have highly finished spaces where there's a lot of cost density in the unit that we do in the factory," says Isaac Lassiter, CEO of Cutting Edge. "Where there's a lot of air space, we build on site. We use panelized components to create the 3-D spaces that close in the air." This approach reduces shipping costs by decreasing the number of trucks needed for delivery. It also keeps people from simply paying for air by allowing the panelized components to be stacked along with the modules and then creating wide open living spaces with high ceilings on site. The designs for the homes and the kitchen all emphasize energy efficiency as well as indoor/outdoor relationships with the use of expansive windows and outdoor living spaces.