10 Overlooked Cities With Affordable Homes

December 14, 2016

Jacksonville has been getting more and more buzz within housing industry circles over the last few months. With plenty of land, consistent job growth, and numerous housing options near a reinvigorated downtown, Florida’s largest city is expected to be a popular market in 2017.

Curbed spoke with experts from several housing industry organizations to find 10 affordable cities that aren’t getting the proper amount of attention. While Pittsburgh and Austin have long been recognized as booming markets, Curbed found that places like St. Louis, Providence, R.I., and Boise, Idaho, have plenty to offer potential buyers.

Both large (San Antonio) and small (Provo, Utah) cities made the cut, but they all have median home prices less than $350,000. Indianapolis was said to be the most affordable, with a median home price of $175,000.

Indianapolis has seen renewed focus on downtown, with an infusion of culinary destinations and cultural attractions, such as the Cultural Trail bike loop, that have helped dispel a particularly painful former nickname, “Nap Town.” Local realtors have said the booming home market is set to be only more competitive in the coming year.

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