2008 Nationals: The Industry Fights Back

The Northeast Builders Association and Renaissance Creative received a gold award at the 2008 National Sales and Marketing Awards.
By By Felicia Oliver, Senior Editor | February 29, 2008

The Northeast Florida Builders Association took up the gauntlet, combating the mainstream media's consistent slams on the housing industry.

"The 'It's a Great Time to Buy' campaign provided balanced perspective," says Tim Hamby, president of Renaissance Creative, the company that developed the campaign. "It rebutted local media's doom-and-gloom tactics by featuring online insights and analysis of housing market news and data, including industry experts relating national news headlines to local market conditions. The campaign helped change public perception, demonstrating that it is a great time to buy — possibly the best time ever."

More importantly, there seemed to be more careful, balanced real-estate reporting in the local city newspaper, he says.

"We received many notes of gratitude for and requests from other industry professionals to use the content from the site," says Hamby.

Project: "It's a Great Time to Buy" Campaign
Client: Northeast Florida Builders Association
Ad Agency/PR Firm: Renaissance Creative
Advertising budget: $285,000