30 Ways To Make Your Housing Website A Sales Magnet

February 17, 2016

In today’s world, creating a strong website for your company is important. A website with a pre-Y2K appearance in 2016 is going to give people pause for concern. If a company website looks like a 16-year old girl’s 2007 MySpace page, it doesn’t bode well for their professionalism. And when a website is trying to sell something, like homes, for example, what is chosen to be on the site or left off the site becomes even more important.

It isn’t just as simple as making the website look modern and professional; as Kevin Oakley points out, making a website that appeals to potential homebuyers is all about the details. Oakley has put together a list of 30 key ideas for anyone who is trying to create the most profitable home-selling website possible.

Ideas such as having a minimum of 20 photos for each home, text that tells a story, describing what it means to live in a given location, and providing HOA documents for every community can all help with a website’s sales. For the full list, click the link below.

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