8 Luxury Kitchen Upgrades on People’s 2020 Wishlist

December 11, 2019
Oven Kitchen Appliance
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Need inspiration for your next new kitchen designs? Check out these 8 luxury upgrades that will elevate the space from charming to stunning. From the trendy pot filler to an undermount kitchen sink, the game isn’t just about aesthetics, but also convenience. People want their appliances and design details to work for them and look good while doing it. Though some of these may be out of reach for mostlooking at you, integrated burnersa builder can dream, right?

While most of us just make do with our narrow galley kitchens—the too-high upper cabinets that you reach using a janky step stool, and that exhaust fan whose only function seems to be to blow fried chicken-scented air into your face— the kitchens of more privileged people are on another level completely. And some of their pricey add-ons are actually kind of genius. Why lug a sloshing, heavy pot of water across the kitchen when you can just have a special faucet installed by the stove just to fill your pots?

So whether you’re designing or renovating your kitchen, or just making a wish list for future products, you might find it worthwhile to splurge a bit on these upgrades. Check out some of the cool things you probably didn’t even know you needed in your kitchen.

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