America’s Healthiest Housing Market is Frisco, Texas

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The small city is prospering in both the real estate market and in economics

September 04, 2015

Water tower in downtown Frisco, Texas. Photo: Rainchill/Wikimedia Commons

Frisco, Texas, is America’s healthiest housing market, according to a WalletHub report. The Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of 116,989 people led the list of 300 cities that were evaluated.

The site ranked the cities based on size, too. Frisco was the top-ranked small city, while neighboring Plano was the healthiest midsize city. Austin, Texas, was the best large city.

The site determined the titles by combining two market factors. Metrics in the real estate market, like average number of days until a house is sold and percentage of homes selling for a gain, were weighed four times as heavily as affordability and economic environment stats, like population growth and unemployment rate. Frisco was No. 3 overall in real estate market rank, and No. 2 in affordability and economic environment.

Also included in the article are the rankings of the best and worst cities in terms of foreclosure rate, home price appreciation, percentages of homes with negative equity, and other findings.

According to the insurance company Nationwide, the housing market is in its best shape since 2001.

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