Georgia-Pacific Panel Guide


This app for iOS and Android from Georgia-Pacific's structural panel products includes a section for applications and for products. The applications section introduces colorful dots indicating where each product should be used in a home. The products section allows users to navigate by brand.Applications include roof sheathing; wall sheathing; sub-floor; interior panels; exterior siding; and projects. Correlating products featured in the app are Plytanium sheathing; BlueRibbon sheathing; Thermostat radiant barrier; Plytanium Sturd-I-Floor  panels; DryPly Plywood; Blue Ribbon Sturd-I-Floor panels; DryGuard Enhanced OSB; DryMax High-Performance OSB; Plytanium siding; Ply-Bead panels; and Plytanium sanded panels. Within each product information area, users will find a short product summary followed by links to product specifications, installation tips, warranty information, product sustainability facts, and third-party certification information. Finally, there is a section on how to read an APA grade stamp, which is the stamp put on nearly all Georgia-Pacific structural panel products and is the manufacturer’s assurance that the product is manufactured to industry standards.