Apps To Make A Builder’s Life Easier

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February 03, 2016

‘There’s an app for that.’ How many times have you heard Apple’s famous slogan? Besides being a catchy piece of marketing gold, it also seems to ring true more times than not. For just about every task that can be imagined, there is an app to make it easier. Homebuilding and designing are no different.

You won’t find Angry Birds, Words With Friends, or Snapchat anywhere on this list, however, as these apps are strictly business. Be it a business tool, a design tool, or a field tool, the apps compiled on this list by Mike Chamernik can provide much needed support to make any step of the homebuilding process easier.

The smartphone and tablet are quickly becoming just as indispensible on the jobsite as two-by-fours and hammers. And, as a bonus, they don’t carry the risks of splinters and bruised fingers like their classic counterparts.

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