Architectural Reuse Council Will Step Up Efforts to Reuse Construction Waste  

By Peter Fabris | May 19, 2020
plywood, lumber, and other construction waste in a pile on the jobsite
By shandor_gor

The Architectural Reuse Council (ARC) was recently formed to maximize building material diversion and reuse. The San Diego-based group aims to foster more salvage and reuse of material through education and outreach. The group is composed of reuse experts that regularly repurpose cabinets, appliances, lighting, lumber, and other materials taken from construction sites.

“We want to provide property owners and home improvement professionals with the knowledge, resources, and independent industry professionals necessary to deconstruct and donate building materials rather than demolish and dump,” said David Berens, ARC co-founder. “It’s not that people are not choosing to reuse, it’s that they don’t even know it’s an option,” added Property Pros’ Marianna Sparks.

The council will establish optimal redistribution channels and help homeowners and charitable partners. Material donations are tax-deductible.
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