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Initial research suggests there could be as much as $10,000, or an additional 2.5 percentage points in margin, that can be gained per house through proactive quality management............... 

NHQA recipients provide example of the best in our industry. Applying takes work and being open to receiving feedback on how to improve your business. Here is a list of best practices of past NHQA Recipients.

There is always an excuse why not to use NHQA to drive improvement in your business or why not to apply

A US Dept of Energy Study recommends NHQA as a key step in driving Quality

“The (NHQA) feedback reports and the site visits are invaluable learning opportunities from 
quality experts within the residential construction industry.”

64% of projects are successful

17% of organizations have a high maturity level of project management

13.5% of every dollar is at risk in a project

Below is a quote from an online article by Professional Builder Magazine. While this is interesting the real issue here is:

What lessons did you learn from the recession?

Here are some tips for running a successful Roundtable event.

Here is a structure that you can provide to your trades to help them think about Cost of Quality in their business.

Cost of Quality is 3% of revenue, what is that in your company in $

For most companies the breakdown or profile of Cost of Quality is:

Failure Costs 70%

It began simply. The laundry washer breaks down and a repair company is called to fix it.

Quite simple.

We all know we do a great job, while we all can improve our business it’s just minor stuff, things are just great. But so often we are unaware of what is really going on and how much needs to be improved.


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