Exterior paint tips for spring remodels

April 1, 2015
Exterior house painting tips for spring

If properly applied, top-quality exterior paint should last for up to 15 to 20 years. March marks the start of spring, a time when homeowners look to increase curb appeal and repair any damage done to the exterior of their homes from winter weather.
Whether installing new products such as windows and doors or repairing damaged items – you’ll likely need paint. Stay up to date on the latest options in exterior paint to help educate and guide your customers this spring.  

  • Project costs: Exterior door and trim paint projects cost between $1,000 and $1,300 on average, according to Redbeacon.
  • Color: While exterior paint color is often tied to geographic region and housing style, bold, saturated tones are currently most popular among customers. As a general rule, exterior colors are softer, more muted versions of colors used inside homes. When helping a customer select an exterior palette for their home, use the natural color scheme of their neighborhood as a guide. 
  • New technologies: Modern advances in paint technology break through each year. Today, there are a few dirt and fade resistant paints on the market, such as BEHR MARQUEE, that create a tough, non-stick surface for protection against dirt and also feature UV protection for longer-lasting color, even under severe weather conditions. BEHR MARQUEE also delivers a mildew-resistant finish and stands up to rain as early as 60 minutes after application.  Using paint with these types of technology provides a longer lifecycle for the property, resulting in cost savings for the owner.
  • Weather: Paint application during extreme temperatures can have substantial implications on the outcome of projects. While hot weather can cause the top surface of wet paint’s film to dry too fast, resulting in wrinkling and mud-cracking, cold weather can interfere with paint's ability to dry and form a hard film. Ensure the film will form and coalesce at surface temperatures as low as 35 degrees by using BEHR PRO e600 exterior paints.
  • Other Considerations: While weather and dirt/fade resistance are important factors to consider when selecting paint for exterior paint projects, it’s also important to consider flow and leveling, adhesion, penetration, gloss and color retention.
  • Oil-based paints: Oil-based paints have better flow and leveling, adhesion and penetration than water-based paints. When painting surfaces that were previously painted with enamels, use oil-based products to penetrate existing film to form a lock bond.
  • Water-based paints: Water-based paints are easier to use, have better gloss and color retention and are more resistant to sunlight and fading, but don’t adhere as well as oil-based products over slick, glossy surfaces and require more extensive surface preparation, such as light sanding and a full primer coat.

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