Builders Incorporate The Coolest Luxury Features Into Their Own Homes

July 31, 2017

Texas-based custom builder Robert Wood has a 5,200-square-foot house that he outfitted with seven ovens split between the main kitchen and indoor/outdoor kitchen.

The Wall Street Journal, via, found some of the most notable luxury home features that high-end builders worked into their own homes.

Drew Daniels, a luxury builder in the Chicago area, installed a $120,000 radiant-heating system and $20,000 lighting system in his new place, plus a dog room with showers and Plexiglass doors. Arnold Karp put a $175,000 geothermal heating and cooling system, along with a jacuzzi with a fire feature, in his Connecticut home.

Contractors are often able to rationalize high upfront spending because they use their own homes as both testing grounds for new technologies and as showcases they can take potential clients through to help close a deal.

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