Codes and Standards

Massachusetts woman kicked out of her tiny home after voters nix zoning change

Photo: Tammy Strobel/Creative Commons.

May 20, 2016

Voters at Hadley, Massachusetts’s annual town meeting decided against legalizing backyard cottages.

Asphalt shingles. Photo: TriviaKing/Wikimedia Commons.

May 19, 2016

The updated version includes the latest industry best practices to instruct roofing professionals and DIY enthusiasts on installation methods that help to maximize shingle life and weather protection.

Photo: Dawn Easterday/Creative Commons.


May 19, 2016

The proposal applies to construction sites of one or more acres, or less than one acre, but part of a larger development.

Tiny homes emerging as solution for the homeless

Photo: Inhabitat/Creative Commons.

May 12, 2016

Building codes, zoning ordinances, and opposition from some Chicago residents are among the obstacles.

Solar installations seem to be contagious

Photo: jonsowman/Creative Commons.

May 12, 2016

Residents who install PV panels influence their neighbors to do so, too.


Nearly one-quarter of home price can be traced back to regulatory costs

Photo: Brandon Leon/Creative Commons.

May 11, 2016

Costs including impact fees, building permits, utility hookups, and stormwater regulations.

Safety Stand-Down yields proposals to boost construction safety

Photo: Jay Thompson/Creative Commons.

May 10, 2016

One example: Gilbane encourages safety harnesses for all working above 6 feet.

David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons.

May 09, 2016

Focus is on equity, resilience, and climate protection.

Hurricane Sandy contractor fraud called the ‘disaster after the disaster’

Photo: b0jangles/Creative Commons.

May 06, 2016

Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato has already secured 49 indictments involving Sandy-related fraud, and there are another 50 active investigations. 

Photo: rbeard113/Creative Commons.

May 05, 2016

The commissioner says Tornado Alley has not updated building codes in line with new technology and building practices known to make structures more resilient to high winds. 


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