Despite Hot Market, Some Sellers Are Still Stressed

March 12, 2018
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New research on home sellers from Zillow shows that about one-third feel unsatisfied with the process, and over a third said they struggled to sell their home within their desired price range or time frame.

One major source of stress is greater access to information. The website says the internet has created "a state of seller vigilance" where sellers are more heavily involved in the sale of their home than ever before, and are suffering from more stress. “Sellers today are all-in, monitoring every piece of data about their home. They are no longer content to sit back and wait,” said Jeremy Wacksman, chief marketing officer at Zillow Group. “In many cases, they cannot afford to.”

Skim any number of news articles on the U.S. housing market and chances are you’ll run across the phrases “low inventory,” “sellers’ market,” and “strong demand.” For much of the U.S., however, the data reveals a starker reality. “Despite low inventory in many parts of the country, sellers still encounter massive pain points when trying to sell their homes,” said Wacksman. “The data show there is a huge opportunity to create a better end-to-end experience for sellers and help them turn over their homes faster.”

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