Energy efficiency

The Prefab Home That Generates Twice the Renewable Energy It Uses
April 03, 2015

A home produces enough energy to charge electric cars and power part of the museum next door

Honda Smart House Tracks Family's Use of Energy

Photo courtesy of Honda Smart House US.

March 23, 2015
One of the 10 homes constructed as part of Project Home Again in New Orleans.

Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America program tested three dehumidification scenarios in 10 homes that were constructed as part of Project Home Again, a humanitarian effort funded by Leonard Riggio, president of Barnes & Noble bookstores, to provide housing for low-income New Orleans residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

March 23, 2015

Controlling humidity in humid climates, such as New Orleans, can be a sticky business

March 18, 2015

This new fee will be based on a solar user’s peak power demand during the month.

February 20, 2015

Buyers willing to pay more for a house with photovoltaics

Louisville Development to Be Largest Geothermal Community in the U.S.

Google Streetview of Norton Commons.

February 19, 2015

A ground-source heat pump will be required in every unit.

February 11, 2015

For some residents, aesthetic value matters over carbon footprint and savings.


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