Even In A Sharing Economy, Millennials Want To Own

February 28, 2017

Just because ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft are convenient and readily available doesn’t mean that Millennials want to give up their cars entirely.

CNBC reports that young adults still desire to own cars and houses, even in a newfound “sharing economy.”

According to a survey conducted by Qualtrics, 88 percent of Millennials who do not own a home wish to buy one in the future. As for cars, 80 percent of Millennials own own, and 75 percent of those who don’t still want one.

"The world is changing, but in some areas maybe not as much as we think," Maughan said. "They're not afraid to put down roots," said Mike Maughan, head of brand growth and global insights at Qualtrics. He noted that the number of millennials who aspire to own homes holds steady whether they live in metropolitan or rural areas.

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