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Fiber cement, vinyl, and brick are the top choices for buyers seeking curb appeal and low maintenance

By By Mike Beirne, Senior Editor | June 28, 2017
The Madison; Builder: The Cottage Company; Architect: Ross Chapin

Builders are adding more choices to their exterior options portfolios with fiber-cement siding and composites gaining traction as an upsell opportunity with homebuyers.

Many Professional Builder readers and members of Builder Partnerships, in Littleton, Colo., noted that they’ve changed designs and raised the budget to build houses with combinations of exterior cladding materials—usually fiber cement, brick, stone veneer, and stone—in the pursuit of more detail and curb appeal. Fiber-cement siding was most popular with builders and architects in the Midwest, South Atlantic, and West South Central regions. 

Great design and curb appeal were cited by two-thirds of builders and architects surveyed as the most important concern for their clients, followed by low maintenance, and energy efficiency as the distant third benefit. More findings from the 2017 Curb Appeal Survey are in the charts that follow. 

buyer considerations for curb appeal

most successful selling home exterior upgrades

Biggest change in curb appeal design

cost percentage for curb appeal

exterior design/material changes

Curb appeal changes

curb appeal changes

Roofing material preference

Exterior cladding preference

multiple exterior materials

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