Generational Housing Preferences Part III

April 13, 2016

The NAHB’s Eye on Housing blog is examining housing preferences among different generations. First were examined the most wanted features in a new home among multiple generations. Also looked at were generational preferences for home size and the ideal number of bedrooms. Now, the NAHB is looking at aspects relating to the amount of stories a home has and the type of home it is.

Regarding the latter, 65% of people across all generations want to buy a single-family detached home. The numbers don’tvary all that much across generations, either. Seniors are at the low end of the spectrum with 55% wanting a single-family detached home. Generation X is at the high end with 72 percent.

A surprisingly large number of buyers prefer single-story homes at 64 percent, but that number is not completely representative of the whole. This trend is largely driven by older buyers, as 75 percent of baby boomers and 88 percent of seniors would like a single-story house, while only 35 percent of millennials and 49 percent of Gen Xers would like a house with one story.

Regardless of number of stories a house has, something Boomers and seniors agree on having the washer and dryer on the first floor. The older generations still drive this trend, with 74 percent of baby boomers and 83 percent of seniors saying they want the appliances on the first floor. But a majority of both millennials and Gen Xers would prefer this, as well, with 51 percent and 60 percent respectively. Across all generations, 68 percent of respondents preferred the washer and dryer to be on the first floor.

By looking at all three reports, builders can quickly get a snapshot of what is important for each generation of buyers and better understand how to build a home a given generation can’t refuse.

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