Gold Nugget Winners 2015: Best Homes Between 2,500 And 2,999 Square Feet

August 21, 2015

Much like the Gold Nugget-winning homes between 2,000 and 2,499 square feet, house options in the 2,500 to 2,999 range appeal to a range of potential home purchasers.

These moderately larger merit- and grand-winning spaces appeal to young, growing families (Denver's Vue Three), empty nesters (NorthySky 5010 in Lone Tree, Colo.), and, in the case of Quadrant Homes — Evoke Luxe, "Eastside tech corridor buyers who are high-income, high tech, want highly rated schools, are highly diverse and want and close-in locations. 30-50," according to the Issaquah, Wash., home's official contest entry sheet.

The difference between these homes and the previously mentioned ones is, of course, space. The 2,500-2,999-square-foot homes have open floor plans, tall ceilings, and plenty of large windows. The spaces let designers and architects get creative. Merit-winning NorthSky 5010 has a kitchen with an oversized island, designed for entertaining guests, as well as a self-contained guest suite. Evoke Luxe, another merit winner, has a courtyard connected to an open-concept Great Room via a set of expansive folding glass patio doors. The layout softens the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Grand winner Vue Three has a grand stair that leads to a second-level bridge, which opens up the interior. As the entrants said in their statement, "The home feels larger than its square footage by eliminating redundant, seldom used rooms." 

Gold Nugget Winners 2015: Best Homes Between 2,500 And 2,999 Square Feet