Gold Nugget Winners 2015: Best Homes Under 2,000 Square Feet

August 13, 2015

Winning an award for building the best house under 2,000 square feet says that a builder can do a lot with a little. Unlike larger homes with larger footprints, the houses in Gold Nugget's "Best Single Family Detached Home — under 2,000 square feet" category worked with much less space. Merit award winner SL 70 –Plan 4, for instance, is a line of single-family homes that are separated by only six inches of airspace.

These smaller homes appeal to different types of buyers — from retirees to tech-savvy professionals — but entry level buyers can most relate to houses under 2,000 square feet. Some of these houses are on the higher end, but merit winner Freestyle 2 at Brighton Crossing has a unit price of $293,880.  

While entry level home buyers face a lack of housing options, an award like this one shows that builders can make smaller, cost-efficient and attractive houses. One grand winner and four merit winners are featured in the slideshow that follows. 

Gold Nugget Winners: The Best Homes Under 2,000 Square Feet