Home Innovation prepares to update National Green Building Standard

Home Innovation Research Labs has convened the process to update the 2015 version of the National Green Building Standard (NGBS).

March 3, 2014

Home Innovation Research Labs has convened the process to update the 2015 version of the National Green Building Standard (NGBS).

The next version will be the third iteration of the residential standard that certifies green land development and the new construction and remodel of green houses and multifamily buildings. NGBS was developed jointly by the National Association of Home Builders and the International Code Council and published in 2009. The standard also was approved by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI), meaning that the voluntary guidelines were created using the Institute’s principles for consensus, due process, and openness among a diverse range of stakeholders, including the general public, all whom were provided opportunities for review and input.

As with the 2009 and 2012 versions, Home Innovation Research Labs, which serves as the standard’s administrator, is issuing a call for government officials, advocacy groups, home builders, product manufacturers, and other stakeholders to participate in a consensus committee. Committee members and other interested parties will be assigned to task groups, each specializing in a different area of the NGBS, such as energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, or lot and site development. Those who would like to apply to serve on the committee or a task group should submit applications by March 16, 2014 to http://committeeapplication.homeinnovation.com. Home Innovation also announced a call for proposed changes to the 2012 version of the NGBS. Individuals and groups can submit proposals to http://ngbs2015.homeinnovation.com by March 24, 2014. Task groups will review those ides and develop proposals for the committee to consider by early 2014.

"Because the ANSI process requires a balanced representation of stakeholders on the consensus committee and consideration of the views of all participants, this update provides an important opportunity for all those with an interest in bona fide green home building," said Michael Luzier, president and CEO of Home Innovation.

The entire consensus committee will hold two hearings in Washington, D.C. in 2014. At the first hearing, committee members will initiate a review of all proposed changes to the standard, and listen to input from members of relevant task groups. At the second hearing, the committee will consider, discuss, and take formal action on all proposed changes. Then the updated NGBS will be submitted to the ANSI for approval in 2015.


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