Home Values Have Surged In Swing States Since 2011

September 26, 2016

As a whole, eight swing states have seen their home values rise by 30 percent since the end of 2011, a higher rate than the Democrat-heavy blue states (29 percent) and Republican-leaning red states (18 percent).

Trulia reports that Nevada (78 percent), Arizona (53 percent), and Florida (51 percent) have seen some of the most dramatic increases in that same time frame.

In June, Trulia released an election survey and found that 39 percent of Americans said prices would rise a little or a lot if Donald Trump was elected, compared to 29 percent for Hillary Clinton.

How will it all play out? The answer depends on how much pocketbook issues influence how the electorate votes. If it is, as former Bill Clinton adviser James Carville famously said, “the economy, stupid,” then swing state voters probably aren’t as upset with the status quo. After all, they’ve done pretty well.

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