How To Capture More Leads Earlier In The Buying Process

March 8, 2016

Leads are important. As the name suggests, leads lead to sales. It makes sense, then, that the more leads a company generates, and the earlier in the buying process they generate them, the better.

When it comes to a purchase as big as a home, buyers aren’t going to their friendly neighborhood real estate agency and walking out with a shiny new home. Potential buyers are going to research, mainly online, for months before they even think about actually sitting down and talking with someone about buying. But that doesn’t mean this research phase can’t still generate some leads.

Instead of a simple ‘Contact Us’ form, many companies are taking advantage of the inquisitive nature of these researching buyers and are offering free, educational content to visitors of their websites, writes Spencer Powell, the Inbound Marketing Director for Builder Funnel.

Another tip is to be helpful, but make sure not to push too hard. Everyone has had an experience walking into a store to buy a pack of batteries only to have a salesman hovering over them like a mosquito at a picnic the entire time. Just because it is occurring online, doesn’t mean this same annoyance can’t happen. Instead, send specific, organized, and targeted information to help build credibility and a relationship.

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