How To Make The Most Of A Home’s Curb Appeal

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February 18, 2016

Curb appeal is important. How a house’s exterior looks is the first thing people are going to notice about a house. It doesn’t matter if a home has a beautiful interior with all the latest technology, beautiful finishes, and a great floor plan if the exterior’s ugliness scares people away before they even get a chance to look inside.

Mastering curb appeal can be tricky, though. Different rules apply for different house styles, and getting the most out of a particular style without breaking the bank is easier said than done. However, Susan Bady has offered up a few tips straight from the mouths of professionals to help get a house looking its best with a price point that remains within reason.

When it comes to a modern home, it’s all about the materials and how they are used. Cottages and craftsman homes can blend into one amorphous blob as opposed to being two distinct styles if you aren’t paying attention to the details. And, regardless of the style, making sure the scale of a home’s details is correct is always important.

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