Internet-Connected Combination Washer Dryer Will Change The Face Of Appliances

February 1, 2016

Sure, it might seem like comparing a $100,000 luxury automobile to a combination washer dryer might seem a bit extreme or hyperbolic, but Marathon Laundry’s new appliance has more in common with Tesla Motors than what might appear on the surface alone.

According to Forbes, like Tesla, Marathon Laundry is taking an approach with their new appliance, the first ventless dryer combined with a washer that will offer the performance of separate dryers, that will leverage existing manufacturing for the core components and add value in specific components that are unique to Marathon.

The Internet connectivity will allow the appliance to receive new software in seconds and will also be able to manage things like scheduling and energy consumption.

There might not be Marathon Laundry videos going viral every week like with Tesla, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t similarities.

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