May 2017

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Professional Builder’s annual Housing Giants list, ranked by revenue, includes 240 of the nation’s largest builders.

A slow but steady rise from the depths of the recession has stood the housing industry in good stead so far, but will higher rates of employment, rising wages, and increased demand deliver results more quickly?

Advice on navigating the maze of regulations and opposition in order to keep a project moving.

A message for the Housing Giants to move the needle on addressing the trade shortage

The longer it takes to get a project through the approval process, the higher the price of the homes

To boost comfort and efficiency, pay close attention to details and insist on a Grade 1 job.

A recent study examines how four common neighborhood designs affect residents’ physical activity habits and mental wellness

What should an acquired builder expect from new ownership? Here’s a look at how three companies integrated their additions

As you ponder a unified, long-term strategy for your company, ask these essential questions 

At a time when prices are galloping past wage growth, alternative housing solutions are crucial

A quarter of the homes in a recent study were at risk of at least one of four environmental hazards: Superfunds, brownfields, polluters, or poor air quality

NAHB research shows that approximately 14 million American households are priced out of the market for a new home by government regulations

From freestanding structures to tucked-in side patios, exterior space helps a home live larger

On the everlasting power of the pen, analog-style

The most powerful key to marketing success isn’t a bigger ad budget or more web traffic. It lies in addressing conversion

Whether they're for extended family or a source of rental income, accessory dwelling units are a popular alternative in high-cost housing markets

The number of adults in the prime working-age range of 25 to 64 will rise to 183 million in 2035, up from 173 million in 2015—a much slower rate of growth than in the past

August 2017

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The winners of this year’s Professional Builder Design Awards show...

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