PB April 2004

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If husbands' eyes glaze over as their wives select from a dizzying array of cabinets, flooring and plumbing fixtures, some manufacturers suggest that builders have those husbands wait in the garage.

Walkability, especially to retail, restaurants and services, figures big in the parlance of traditional neighborhood design. In an urban setting, builders can place TND communities near an existing retail core.

For help in scheduling, protecting materials and ensuring that work gets done in a safe environment, builders increasingly are using software programs that deliver the specifics on job-site weather conditions.

Upper Albany, a TND project featuring an eye-opening 'carriage home' product line, garnered 318 sales in less than 16 months — only 10 months with model homes open.

High Desert, a community in Albuquerque, N.M., maintains design and building guidelines - and a mechanism for inspection and enforcement of them to reduce conflicts between developer, builder and home buyer.

Movement in the rankings is one of the few characteristics builders in this segment have in common.

Peter Katz, a New Urbanism forefather, talks about the move from consultant to practitioner and about lessons learned.

Most companies we encounter overlook relationship value, the measurable things a company does to create 'likability' between its employees and customers.

Factory-built housing predicted to grow 1.2% annually through 2005

When a landowner’s plan to develop a New Rochelle, N.Y., estate fell through, Ginsburg Development Corp. bought the 17-acre site and revised the plan to bring Kensington Woods to reality. The result: an empty-nester enclave of 52 luxury homes.

Private builders can’t grow as fast as publics but are posting unprecedented numbers.

If you're the CEO of a growing home building company, you have to be concerned about finding the managers to continue that growth. Here’s a tip: Look at the talented women around you.

Once a kitchen standard, linoleum began losing ground to other flooring types, namely sheet vinyl, in the 1940s.

One of the most curious trends to emerge from our 2004 GIANTS survey is the heat in high-rises, long a dormant housing form of little interest to the largest production builders.

The data in our annual GIANTS issue overwhelm the senses. Chart after chart, table upon table, and more metrics to measure your business' performance than you can find anywhere else.

Be it to shampoo hair or clean the sink, the Catalina pullout bathroom faucet from Price Pfister makes each job easier.

People talk about traditional neighborhood design as the best thing since sliced bread, but is it a fad or the new standard?

Austin, Texas, real estate broker Stan Barron reached $15 million to $20 million a year in sales in part by specializing in new homes that haven't moved.

Some of the industry’s highest profit margins are recorded here.

Pitfalls to avoid when designing an extravagant master bath

Traffic can delay or doom a community plan, but a report by the American Highway Users Alliance, 'Unclogging America's Arteries: Effective Relief for Highway Bottlenecks (1999-2004),' gives a handy heads-up to developers scouting for residential locati...

Now pending in Congress - and funded in the president's budget proposal for the fourth consecutive year - the Homeownership Tax Credit would increase homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income families.

Schedule the employee’s first week in detail. A first-week work schedule establishes expectations while allowing the new hire to assimilate into the company.

The best way to grow a home building company is to focus on these three objectives: maintaining competitive strength, creating value for the customer and, most important, maximizing profit.

Mack Bissette, CEO of Atlanta-based Springdale Homes, sister company of SRG Homes and Neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Fla., specializes in New Urbanist designs that blend with existing housing.

With NAHB economist Michael Carliner forecasting an annual net inflow of up to 1.7 million immigrants during the next decade, builders should keep an eye on anything that imperils those newcomers' ability to buy houses.

Mostly public, Masters of the Universe seek the home building spotlight.

At least in Southern California, this spring seems to be prime shopping season for builders, developers and housing finance firms seeking graduate students steeped in real estate education.

Builders who rely on the Internet for leads might not regard the recent update of the Google search engine as an improvement.

I have seen a few companies define what they believe with statements under headings such as 'we believe' or 'basic beliefs.' Somehow, a statement of beliefs seems stronger than a mission statement.

It’s the typical builder story: Find a great piece of land, spot a market segment to which nobody else delivers and pick the right product. Easy, right? Not when NIMBY neighbors get involved.

The popularity of outdoor living areas grows each year, especially where nature’s elements endanger the products that create the spaces buyers love.

Cost of materials should be merely one factor when evaluating paints and stains.

Whether you’re charging a million-dollar premium for a custom home on the ocean or $10,000 for a cul-de-sac production home, that premium could be too low.

With consolidation at an all-time peak, corporate conglomerates atop the GIANT 400 operate in a different universe more than ever.

And anticipated oil-related increases have yet to hit.

D.R. Horton and Pulte Homes both forecast immense unit and revenue growth as they continue to duel for the top spot in PB's rankings. But there are reasons to believe their targets will be hard to hit.

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