PB April 2007

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To obtain a loan, home builders should understand the key performance indicators that drive the decision. Some of those KPIs include operating performance, financial stability, liquidity and cash flow.

Included in the April 2007 edition of Professional Builder magazine are the latest in bathroom hardware, faucets and baths

If you are looking to improve the durability, efficiency, affordability and environmental performance of your next home building project, look no further than PATH’s report on the top 10 technologies for 2007.

An often-summarized Aristotle quote reads: "What we hear, we forget. What we see, we remember. And what we do, we understand." Although those thoughts date back 2,300 years, the principle rings true today. The concept is essential to understanding the importance of demonstrations in new home sales. Surveys show 86 percent of what we tell customers will be forgotten within 24 hours.

A look at current products for the kitchen from Blanco, Axor, Atlas Housewares and Brizo are featured in this overview.

Starts are slightly above home demand. However, excessive homes under construction and homes for sale will delay market recovery for many months.

No one needs to tell you how important marketing is to staying in business. Likewise, it's no big secret that not all marketing is equally effective at generating new business. With a housing surplus and lackluster sales, it's not enough to hit the target; you need to nail the bull's eye. With referral marketing — promotions and advertising designed to generate referral business — t...

It's home sweet home — all 291 square feet of it. Moda, now in the development stages in Seattle's hip Belltown neighborhood, offers condominiums that start at 291 square feet. The condominiums are being built by single- and mixed-use project builder 2312, based in Mercer Island, Wash., and affiliated with but separate from HMI Real Estate.

California home builder Brian Catalde was officially elected and installed as the 2007 president of the 235,000-member NAHB. Involved in the Southern California home building industry for more than 30 years, Catalde is president and chief operating officer of El Segundo-based Paragon Communities, which he founded in the early 1980s.

What was once called the basement is now being labeled as the lower level. Home builders aim to attract home buyers with lower levels that offer more fun and functional space.

Are you considering talking to a lender about financing? Learn four must-have tips for improving your odds and learn about 10 items you’ll need to obtain a line of credit.

The Portland Cement Assocation’s chief economist provides an update on the state of the cement industry.

We are in the middle of a revolution, and I don't think we fully comprehend what is happening. To understand better, we should look to the past. Around 1450, when Johannes Gutenberg introduced movable type he transformed the way society used information. It migrated from tightly controlled environments such as monasteries to a wider audience.

As sales drop off, many builders have been forced to lay off employees. What happens to staff morale when employees are let go? What can builders do to maintain employee loyalty and productivity when painful cuts must be made? We asked leading management gurus to offer their best advice for dealing with employee retention.

Last month we reviewed the merits of assessment tools. This month we take a closer look at some of the assessment tools used by home builders across the nation.

Richard Bunch, Vice President of Operations of Fieldstone Communities in Santa Clarita, Calif. gives us the top five products he won't build without.

Veridian Homes of Madison, Wis., was named the 2007 EnergyValue Housing Award Builder of the Year. Presented by the NAHB Research Center, the EVHA recognizes builders who have voluntarily integrated energy efficiency into the design, construction and marketing of their new homes. In addition to the EVHA Builder of the Year Award, 19 other winners were honored for successfully showcasing integra...

WE ASKED: What are the top design trends your company is noticing in your region? Midwest ARCHITECT: Joe Safin FIRM: BSB Design, Chicago and Des Moines, Iowa Builders are looking for affordability and efficiencies in functionality and space, Safin says. "We'll say, this is the room count, but if I scale back, can I make it better?" That might include omitting a living room and "making sure we d...

Nothing in the home building industry surpasses the scale of the International Builders' Show. Its sheer size and the opportunities to learn about the latest issues and solutions, network with peers and discover new products make for a home-building extravaganza essential to the industry. The 2007 show became the largest in IBS history, according to the NAHB.

A look into how the development team designed The Residences at Bulle Rock of Havre de Grace, Md., for its active adult demographic.

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