PB April 2008

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Take a look at these shiny new kitchen fixtures from Water Inc., Brizo and more.

PATH deconstructs why the big picture proves green homes can be affordable.

At Kitts Creek, a new neo-traditional development adjoining Raleigh-Durham’s booming employment corridor, builder ExperienceOne Homes is giving North Carolina home buyers the best of both worlds.

From Martha Stewart to Leonardo DiCaprio, celebrities are attaching their names to home buildng projects. Find out who else is putting their stamp on the housing industry.

Are you, homebuilders, packing the most punch in the affordable homes you build?

What five things do you use to get you through your homebuilding day? HHHunt Homes’ Erik Froelich shares.

Read how you can position yourself to keep your job while everyone else is being laid off.

Experts to weigh in on the most common business mistakes home builders make.

Homebuilders’ future success will depend largely on how well they’ve maintained their brands at the local level. Here's what you can do to shore up your image.

Our first-ever Kitchen and Bath Best In Class Survey reached out to interior design professionals and builders to find out what’s cookin’ in the kitchen (and bath).

Here are the sales tactics home builders need to move buyers out of those contingent contracts — that often fall out — into binding contracts.

Guess what the significance of $150 million is? Read on to find out.

Pause a minute and reflect on these brand new bath fixtures from Phylrich, California Faucets and more.

Barenz Builders pulls off its second successful fundraiser for the local chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Close more deals – and build more homes – by defining the salesperson-home buyer negotiation process.

Here’s what homebuilders should mull before they blog.

We can blame the media for our condition in the housing industry or we can pick our heads up and act now to control our own situation. Editorial Director Paul Deffenbaugh discusses the media's relationship to the current state of the housing industry.

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