PB August 2000

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The people at HousingZone.com, a daily online source for residential construction news and information, have come up with a great idea for presenting information on the e-construction era.

Thanks largely to funding and support from PATH, six companies are hard at work developing the following technologies, which will be market-ready in 18 months.

After a experiencing a recent concert performance by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, I starting thinking about applying aspects of his approach to how we conduct business. The more I considered the idea, the more value I found in it.

Multifamily builders across the country have reason to celebrate.

When historians write about the last years of the 20th century and the early part of this millennium, I expect they will use terms like revolution.

A Boston team scores big in the affordable housing game.

In an effort to keep builders informed about green building, a 28-foot trailer made with over 50 recycled-content, non-toxic, energy-efficient, recyclable and reused building products rolled into the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the Pacific Coas...

When students at The Enterprise School (TES) in Vienna, Va. return for the new school year, they will be entering a building provided to them by an area luxury home builder.

The way so few young people look to careers in the construction industry today, you might think builders are trying to keep job opportunities a secret.

Pulte's vice president of e-business leads revolutionary changes in the way American homes are sold and built.

Just who is responsible when someone else drops the ball?

Tips to stop waste before it starts.

Have you ever had a great idea for a new technology that would save money, cut construction time, use materials more efficiently or simply improve on an existent system?

Some things you just can’t do by yourself.

'Meditations on Design,' by John Wheatman, shares distinctive design principles for a variety of living spaces.

Non-Profit keys deal for surplus property in Bay Area

Randy Harris’s wet and wild summer trip might be a little more adventuresome than most.

In this era of e-commerce, quality builders are poised to make their mark.

Mercedes Homes, based in Melbourne, Fla., named Ricky Beauchamp president of the newly established Carolinas division.

Competition for lots in the ring of communities that forms the 'inner' Bay Area has increased to a fever pitch in recent years. And while competition for land has always been tough there, it is the recent arrival of more national builders with deeper p...

HBA’s non-profit builds a new Albuquerque community

Car dealers do it. Travel agents do it. Even the kids’ school photographers do it. But home builders?

Buyers rate builders' before sale support and after sale service, and the results suggest improvement is possible.

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Ashton Woods launched Starlight Homes to target entry-level home...

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