PB August 2003

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Steps thousands of builders need to take to cover themselves as states await federal approval of storm-water procedures.

When we look at what makes builders great, desire drives the quest to stand out. It flows throughout their teams, their language, their homes.

Old school: Leave a box of leaflets outside for interested buyers who drive by when your models or spec homes are closed. New school: Broadcast messages to car radios.

More tips on how to control land.

Wayne Colmer's firm has developed and built approximately 600 homes in his 16 years as an independent builder/developer. The common thread: All the homes were built in communities where entitlements are tough to come by.

Five builder-developers demonstrate a few of the many ways cash-free and cash-lean deals get done.

How have we reached this state of affairs in which the vast majority of builders believe they stand out from the crowd far and above what the facts support?

Given the close link between job creation and housing demand, it can't hurt builders in these 10 markets that Forbes magazine's Web site ranks their towns as the best places for business and careers.

Dallas/Fort Worth builders coax discretionary buyers by putting a home theater in almost every model home. Will the 'man cave' work for you?

The legal structures underpinning land-control deals can be confusing. We turned to a residential transaction expert, attorney Mathew A. Wyman, a partner with Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP in Los Angeles, to sort it out.

In exchange for managing the building and sales of all remaining units in the first two phases, Menke and Hunihan were able to control and profit from land they never owned.

When Benjamin Franklin said 'nothing is certain but death and taxes,' he most likely wasn't thinking in terms of cause and effect.

A good reference is candid and provides building blocks from which to work.

If your business begins with sales and marketing, it can end with poor — or a lack of — estimating.

Steps thousands of builders need to take to cover themselves as states await federal approval of storm-water procedures.

In a few months, the Color Marketing Group, an international, not-for-profit association, will predict the color directions for the next few years and identify some of the strongest continuing trends.

Fast-growing, land-constrained regions dominate the ranks of states with the most million-dollar homes.

This article focuses on the forces of wind and water, research on disaster resistance in building materials, and building practices that can be adopted to improve a homes' odds of weathering major storms.

The first minutes with a client set a pattern for the relationship that follows. Unrealistic expectations at the outset lead to customer dissatisfaction down the road.

The benefits of a vapor barrier are indisputable — it retards moisture penetration into insulated cavities, thus reducing the chances of moisture buildup, rot and mold growth.

What builders need to know to shed better light on the homes they build.

Good managers use what they learn for the good of the enterprise rather than as a means to advance or maintain their own power.

Third-party monitoring of sales performance is not new. First came paper-and-pen reports, then audio and, in recent years, secret shoppers equipped with tiny cameras and camcorders.

Picture this: an apparatus that squirts building material (such as adobe or concrete) in a thin layer while automated trowels near the nozzle smooth and shape it almost simultaneously.

Ben Anderson contacted the landowner and offered assistance in overcoming five hurdles that stood in the way of development on the site.

Milestone is strictly a development firm, and the lots for the 40 'stacked' townhomes, if secured, will be sold to one of two home building Giants that are regular customers.

Left to their own devices, many first-time buyers overlook the necessity to secure homeowner's insurance before closing.

Builders who develop land need to carry this model further to determine what they can pay for raw land.

Jim Candelaria helps protect the mountains of southwest Colorado from the forest fires that sometimes sweep through the area during dry summers.

Richard Van Schaardenburg coaxed two firms into the top five in Chicago. Now he builds custom homes high in the Colorado Rockies with his son.

Under terms of a rolling option agreement, William Thomas Homes was required to take down finished lots under a predetermined time line. Because it owned a 50% stake in the land development company, it received the lots for half the retail markup.

A number of nonnative species available today are on the scene, borrowing familiar American hardwood names that are actually misleading marketing names.

Top-notch products for designing a high-quality home theater.

The goal of the PATH/FEMA Mercedes project is not only to demonstrate mitigation technologies, but also to help create an incentive for their adoption through reduced homeowners insurance premiums.

One of the biggest impediments to doing a deal for brownfield land revolves around future liabilities and who retains that risk.

Industry notes about research, education and training.

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