PB August 2008

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$8 a gallon? Yes, we're talking about oil.

One builder offers tips to running a successful home auction.

An innovative Southern California courtyard model with enough pizzazz to help Toll Brothers sell 21 homes in less than eight months.

Here’s what national homebuilders are doing to improve their business during the downturn.

Learn to turn the perks and services you offer from price tags to benefits in your home buyers’ eyes.

While increasing revenues and profits are the gold standard in measuring business success, depressed home sales means that builders need to look at new metrics of performance. In addition to revenue, customer satisfaction and profitability, builders need to pay closer attention to market share.

Architect Donald Powers demonstrates his solution to the challenging scenario.

This year we chose six home builders that, in spite of the glum housing market, found a way to keep employees happy and ready to do whatever it takes to keep their companies going.

Most homebuilders’ sales methods are outdated. It’s time for a change.

Editorial Director Paul Deffenbaugh emphasizes the importance of housing quality.

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