PB December 2012

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Arguably better than any of the Giant builders, Toll Brothers built a business that was ready to absorb and pivot from the historic downturn to a new market.

Professional Builder’s House Review design team offers six infill housing design concepts.

Designs that were popular during the housing boom will probably need some fine-tuning to make them appeal to the current market. By updating plans, builders can also trim the fat and save money.

Without buy-in from top management, Lean practices are sure to fizzle out over time. Lean operations expert Scott Sedam contemplates what it takes to get support from the very top.

Following a mostly flat 2012, home builders are projecting higher revenue and more home sales next year.

As the digital marketing manager for Taylor Morrison, John Rodeman rarely goes anywhere without his iPad. Here are five of his favorite apps.

Toll Brothers Videos

Sales training and management guru Bob Schultz offers a blueprint for improving your sales and marketing efforts.

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