PB February 2008

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Check out a sample of the newest products available from Starrett, Clopay and more.

Beazer Homes tackles disorganized homes by partnering with professional organizer Monica Ricci.

First-time homebuyers offer a blank slate for homebuilders. Customer Satisfaction expert Paul Cardis explains how you can turn these buyers into referral machines.

Check out all these new hardware products from Hickory Hardware, Simonton Windows and more.

James L. Bowyer, a professor at the University of Minnesota, is challenging the science – or lack of it – behind many widely used green building programs.

We offer homebuilders a primer for understanding — and selling to — their entry-level buyers.

According to a 2007 study, half of environmental and government professionals are seeing an increased pace of brownfield redevelopment activity.

Professional Builder columnist John Rymer explains why homebuyers’ values should be at the top of every homebuilder’s sales staff’s list.

Did you know that the state of California is facing a $14 billion deficit because of the housing slump? Read on for more facts about the home building industry.

The results of a California Building Industry Association and California Homebuilding Foundation study aren’t pretty.

Every one of us faces a choice. Not just builders and architects and product manufacturers, but all Americans. All people. We have to decide if there are enough resources to support our present lifestyle.

The housing slump has a silver lining. Because the market is bad, builders are now in a position of strength to negotiate impact fees with municipalities.

Homebuilders have the opportunity to streamline and accelerate the sales process with today’s advanced customer relationship management systems.

Professional Builder and the NAHB Design Committee present the winners of home buildings' most prestigious design contest.

The U.S. Green Building Council established the Green Building Certification Institute to develop and administer programs aimed at improving green building practices and standards.

Click here to see new cabinet products from Aristokraft, St. Charles Cabinetry and more.

Stuart Teicher, general counsel for the Teicher Organization, presents a list of common mistakes in loan documents and how to avoid them.

PATH breaks down what this guide offers homebuilders interested in housing design and performance.

Rodney Hall underscores why and how homebuilders should pay attention to a candidate’s EQ

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