PB February 2009

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As builders reengineer their homes to make them more affordable during the credit crunch, it’s important that they don’t eliminate design features that are important to cocooning homebuyers

Three sales experts weigh in on tips, closings and what home builders should be doing now – and they didn’t always agree

During Roy Diez's 34-year career at Professional Builder, he had many accomplishments, but perhaps none had as long-lasting an effect the Best in American Living Award. Working with the NAHB, Diez helped establish the premier national design contest that now celebrates its 25th Anniversary. This design contest, unlike so many others, had a significant difference, however.

It's decidedly simple and true to its roots. Not a "Gone with the Wind" plantation but a laid-back, Lowcountry design, this home in Bluffton, S.,C., earned the highest accolade from the 2008 Best in American Living Award judges: Home of the Year.

It's easier than ever to learn from the winners of the Best in American Living Award

Not all land decisions made today by builders turn out badly. Contributing Editor Jane Adler showcases 5 examples of land decisions that are leading to success

Homes nationwide are potentially subject to high winds, not just hurricane-prone areas

How home builders can win over home buyers considering foreclosed homes

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Ashton Woods launched Starlight Homes to target entry-level home...

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