PB February 2011

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In the latest installment of Professional Builder's House Review collaborative, four leading architects and designers present five narrow-lot housing solutions that address such critical elements as garage placement, the value of side yards, and maintaining privacy without losing views.

Home builders share their secrets to overcoming the most formidable obstacle to adopting Lean process and methods — cultural inertia. Among the key ingredients for cultivating a Lean culture: always celebrate wins, conduct an honest assessment of your organization, involve everyone who touch the product and process, and eliminate adversarial relationships.

As demand for new housing in established neighborhoods increases, home builders are finding ways to create marketable projects on smaller infill sites.

Having a clear strategic vision, demanding accountability, and performing as both a leader and manager are vital to taking charge of a new-home sales organization, writes sales management and training expert Bob Schultz.

If you think improved pricing is all you need to successfully restart a failed community, think again. Learn what the best professionals are doing to ensure success when entering a community that was abandoned by the previous builder.

People can’t buy what they don’t know is for sale. For sales and marketing pros, the key is to connect with the right buyers at the right time. We talked to sales and marketing pros — consultants with clients across the country and the managers who are in the trenches — to find ideas to drive prospective buyers to websites and sales centers.

Next year, for the first time, it’s expected that more consumers will access the Internet using a mobile device than a traditional desktop or laptop computer. The proliferation of smart phones like the iPhone and Droid — combined with the precipitous drop in price for these high-tech devices and better data connections — means that a sizable chunk of the population is connected 24/7.

Neighborhood schools, ample garage space, walk-in-closets, and walking/biking paths are among the community and home features most desired by first-time buyers, according to a survey of Professional Builder readers. Other desirable home features include an open-plan design, walk-in shower, master bathroom with dual vanities and separate tub and shower, and energy-efficient systems.

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