PB January 2000

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Don Larkin of D.M. Larkin Communities Inc. went against conventional wisdom when he decided to model as many options as he could in his most recent townhome community in York Pa.

Everything seems to happen faster today than ever before.

Reston, Va.-based Waterford Development has formed a 'strategic alliance' with Bouwfonds, one of Holland's largest home builders and developers, to finance residential and mixed-use projects in the Washington, D.C. market.

When passion and necessity collide the result can be potent.

Masco Corporation of Taylor, Michigan, has announced the appointment of three new executives in their management team.

This Year, let's get tired of talking about the labor crisis.

What are the most important keys to success for a home builder?

Over the last 20 years, most of the infill development in the city of Portland, Ore. has consisted of garage-dominated row houses.

Willamette Industries Inc. has become the first major forest products company to receive third-party certification that its forest management practices are in compliance with standards of the American Forest & Paper Association's Sustainable Forestry ....

A new study by the Reason Public Policy Institute points to growth control policies--specific urban growth boundaries--as having a detrimental impact on housing supply and affordability.

The TEAM with the best players wins!

Achieve: to carry out successfully; to get or attain as a result of exertion; to attain a desired end or aim.

Organizations that routinely train their employees have higher morale and lower turnover -- but not necessarily better business results.

New data released by the United States Census Bureau shows that an increasing number of households prefer apartment living, even though they can afford to buy a home.

An important provision of tax legislation recently passed by Congress would expand funding for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, spurring the creation of 28,000 additional units of affordable rental housing every year.

This past November, the Fourth Court of Appeals in San Antonio ruled that Centex Homes cannot enforce the protion of its contracts requiring buyers to waive the guarantee that their new homes are 'habitable' and made with 'good and workmanlike construc...

When will the good times end?

The second annual National Green Building Conference offers attendees three days of educaqtion where the theory behind the resource efficient construction is brought to life through residential case studies and housing tours.

From the perspective of today's workers, the robust economy is perfect.

Canyon Creek Cabinet Company, Monroe, Wash., recently reduced its level of hazardous airborne pollution to zero and made its liquie discharge waste clean enough to siply pour down the drain.

Unlike quality awards concerned only with the finished product, the National Housing Quality Award examines the builder’s business and quality management practices.

OnQ Technologies recently introduced a program aimed at helping home builders capitalize on the growing consumer interest in a wired home.

Condominiums have become the dominant choice in the booming Chicagoland market, say area housing analysts.

The 20 Elements of ISO 9000

While leading a discussion group during an industry executives' meeting just over two years ago, I overhead the president of a national homebuilder proclaim authoritatively: 'This Internet stuff is never going to materially affect our business.'

It almost sounds too simple--just curve the streets instead of setting them in a grid or cul-de-sac pattern.

For all of you still wondering whether web site selling is worth the necessary investment, consider the experience of the Giordana family in Atlanta.

Last month, when the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates by a quarter point, many assumed a negative impact on builder’s stock prices would soon follow.

Phil McCafferty, president of Delcor Homes, New Hudson, Mich., is living in the future more ways than one.

Think back--what were you doing a year ago?

When additional housing was needed to accommodate the growing number of terminally ill chilcren and their families who visit Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, Fla., it seemed only a miracle would get the job done.

Squelching rumors of a merger with long-time interior design competitor March-Michaels & Associates, Florida model merchandising maven Betsy Godfrey (right) is expanding her firm instead.

Integrally colored finished used to be found only in hotels, museums, upscale restaurants or luxury homes, but the warm texture and color has become so popular that more interior designers and architects are specifying such finishes in mid-range homes....

Every builder or remodeler has been there, or will be someday: The contractor has done his or her best to complete the job as agreed, but the customer is not satisfied. Settling the disagreement is a painful challenge that will require sophisticated ne...

Solariums have traditionally come in two basic styles: labor-intensive and expensive wooden sunrooms that are beyond most people's means or aluminum-frame structures which are afford-able but inefficient and relatively fragile.

The Internet is now zoned for housing.

Trex Company Inc. announced an initial public offering and listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:TWP). Trex is a manufacturer of alternative decking products.

While all of us may be tiring of Millennium Fever, the fact is all the ballyhoo can cover important grist for the collective mill of our industry.

Engaging examples of manufactured homes have popped up on previously abandoned sites in five urban communities thanks to a forward-thinking programmed called the Urban Design Demonstration Design Program, sponsored by the Manufactured Housing Institute...

The 2000 forecase for the housing industry should look something like this: overall, mostly sunny with clean conditions expected across the country with the presence of a stationary high front that extends from the nation's capital.

1. Homebuilding Benchstrength Process:

The Portland city government’s official position is their new base zone design standards are a response to past construction standards that have negatively impacted the livability and safety of surrounding neighborhoods

For more than three decades, California home builders have battled their state’s peculiar application of strict product liability laws to housing construction.

If baby boomers flocked to California in the 1970s, when they were in their 20s, will they migrate again--this time to Florida--as they enter their 50s?

Del Webb Corp., Phoenix, has introduced a computer system for field superintendents which is expected to save the company $60,000 per year in Las Vegas alone.

It takes more than an eye-catching exterior to be chosen as a Best In American Living Award (BALA) winner.

Having basically grown up in the building industry (his father Art is a prominent national builder, now retired), Barry Rutenberg seems to view all builders as his extended family.

Although the pace of growth and traffic congestion in their communities concern Americans, they prefer accommodating growth by expanding and improving infrastructure such as roads and schools rather than limiting it through regulation.

We're finally here. The last installment in our series of Sales and Marketing LEARN articles.

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