PB January 2003

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Passive heating takes advantage of sunlight as a natural energy source.

Jack Welch, the former General Electric CEO, believes that great management revolves around developing great people.

Single-family home building in Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo counties, which form the San Francisco metropolitan statistical area (MSA), is slowing to a trickle.

Builders can shield themselves from litigation relating to natural and environmental hazards with Property I.D. hazard reports.

Forget about the archaic distinctions between city and suburbs.

Colorado home builder and green building pioneer John Kurowski continues to set new standards for sustainable, energy-efficient homes.

All businesses have 80 principal organizational competencies that should be reviewed as to strength or weakness.

Builders, product manufacturers and service providers all estimate home sales volume and home price appreciation when preparing business plans each year.

New York City stops at the Hudson River, but its urbanized land pattern straddles the water and radiates across northern New Jersey, enveloping cities such as Newark and Paterson as well as once-small villages such as Paramus and Montclair.

QuickBooks Premier: Contractor Edition 2003 is a new software product made for contractors with no more than 20 in-house employees.

The first thing is to start thinking about liability insurance, and do it today.

Constructivism means giving employees the resources and opportunity to learn on their own, at their pace, when they need it.

Homeowners expect perfect homes. Trades deliver less-than-perfect quality.

Smart Code, due out this spring from Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. and Municipal Code Corp., will provide a basis from which smarter zoning codes can be adopted by local officials.

The most popular discussion today about home prices is one-dimensional and incomplete for it focuses only on demand.

Educating future generations of home buyers about the housing industry and the obstacles it faces was one of my priorities for the NAHB in 2002.

The liability insurance crisis is not new.

Fastest-Growing Places to Build: States

It's hard not to wonder as the third year of the 21st century begins what the questions will be that dominate discussion in our industry in 2003.

Highlighting the pressure that environmentalists are putting on new development in many places around the country.

Residents and business owners in the Hiawatha and 46th Street Station area in southeast Minneapolis were up in arms.

Although still a niche product, concrete countertops are a solid alternative to more traditional surfaces

If your liability insurance policy has come up for renewal recently, you've probably learned a hard lesson: Insurance companies don't like you anymore.

Imputed Lot Value 2001

Examining the psychographics of its target customers took Neumann Homes of Warrenville, Ill., all the way to Broadway.

Infill housing is on the rise - 16 of the 20 largest U.S. cities grew in population in the last decade, according to the 2000 census.

As natural gas prices and home heating costs are predicted to skyrocket this winter, home buyers are more interested - and more willing to spend money - in the energy-efficiency features of a new home.

Two years ago, Jacksonville, Fla., home builder Bryan Lendry of Brylen Homes was not much of a race car fan, let alone a race car driver.

Choosing a retirement plan for a company starts with an understanding of the company's corporate structure.

The greater Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill, N.C., area has several attributes that builders like to see.

Two provisions of recently passed federal legislation could reduce the tax bill for home builders, according to global accounting and tax advisory firm Grant Thornton.

The game remains the same: armed with great ideas and an educated work force, build memorable places that people are happy to call home.

Single Family Residential Finished Lot Price Index (1995 = 100)

During the 15 months representing the height of the current home building boom, 1.9 million U.S. housing units were added, mostly in the South and West.

I know the kindness, generosity and caring spirit of this industry and the willingness of its people to take action. I have experienced it firsthand.

During the mid-1990s, when job growth in Atlanta ran at a 100,000 annual clip, the supply of single-family lots in the 15-county region flowed like water.

Educating future generations of home buyers about the housing industry and the obstacles it faces was one of my priorities for the NAHB in 2002.

Faced with the current hard insurance market and no real confidence that it will soften soon, many builders are following the Franklin Roosevelt policy - try something, anything.

Fastest-Growing Places to Build: Counties

There are sounds we hear that enable us to recognize where we are without having to see anything - a ticking clock, air blowing through vents, trees rustling.

A California lawyer has received a patent for his solution to the problem of tight, confined suburban neighborhoods: acre-sized circles that maximize the side and front-facing distances between homes.

Quality-oriented home building no longer begins and ends with builders.

Moen's Aberdeen high-arc spout puts a new twist on the kitchen faucet with pull-down spout: a pause button that lets users interrupt the water flow without switching off the water at the main handle.

When you face this, don't be surprised if you come a little unglued.

2003 Outlook for builders in various metropolitan markets

The Distributed Audio Alliance, an arm of the Consumer Electronics Association, is reaching out to home builders to consider incorporating more wiring systems in new construction.

Green Street Properties LLC has a pretty sweet deal: a 28-acre parcel 2 miles east of downtown Atlanta, a city where people are leaving the suburbs in droves, in part to escape the standstill traffic caused by sprawl.

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