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Stories of unhappy new home buyers seem all too common today. Whether it be problems with the building experience altogether, part of the process in building their home, or in the final product, too often it seems nothing can transform - or quiet — an angry home owner back to the excited home buyer he or she once was.

An innovative HVAC duct boot hanger for ceiling, floor and wall us, Speedi-Boot can save installation time and costs because it can be installed in two minutes or less, the manufacturer claims. A heavy-duty galvanized frame, complete with foam gasket and construction debris cover, eliminates deformation of the boot and fastens securely to reduce energy loss and intake of poor-quality air.

This is a sad story about how a builder goes to the trouble to find a great piece of land, build a good house, do all of the hard stuff well, then blows it over 4 or 5 details.

S88 Compact Sub is a free-standing, small footprint subwoofer. Designed with an enclosure that enhances its performance. Engineered to provide optimal corner-loading, the S88 works with the walls in a room to deliver sonic performance. It is offered in several sizes depending upon the size of the room and the homebuyer's budget.

Some builders view the electronic gadgetry associated with home automation systems as part of a distant, hi-tech future. But for many others, the future is now. This third article on the PATH Concept Home (see sidebar) focuses on modern home automation systems. With its "disentangled" utilities, the Concept Home provides fewer impediments than traditional homes to installing and upgrading a hom...

Tico Taco is a porcelain tile with the HI-TECH Gres characteristics of unglazed, multiple-loaded porcelain with rectified and polished options. This tile can be used for both residential and commercial environments. Tico Taco offers a shimmering stone look that's complete with a variety of colors, sizes, mosaics and decorative pieces.

www.trusjoist.com Parallam PSL (parallel strand lumber) headers, beams and columns are engineered to support heavier loads than comparably sized, conventional glulam or sawn lumber products. Strong and dimensionally stable, Parallam is an ideal choice for load-bearing beams. Builders can use a smaller beam, yet achieve a longer span than with sawn lumber.

The end of World War II marked a watershed, not only in global geopolitical relationships, but in the development of the American community as well. For over a decade and a half this nation had struggled with an unprecedented economic melt-down followed by a battle for survival of the free world as we knew it.

Rheem's Corsaire Series and its Ruud brand Zephyr Series comprise a residential "value line" of air conditioners that are offered with efficiency ratings up to 12 SEER. The line is geared toward lower up-front costs and effective operating costs when matched to the appropriate gas furnace or air handler.

Guest rooms, like guests who overstay their welcome, have their limits. But when a builder includes a separate apartment with its own bath, kitchen and entrance in a new-home design, the result is an innovative amenity, albeit not an entirely new one. Today, homeowners and builders alike find profit in modern versions of the so-called "granny flat" — more properly described as the "access...

The PDMM-20 is a low-impedance multimeter with an auto-ranging for easy voltage and resistance measurements. The non-contact voltage detection function identifies live lines, and for added safety, the end-user is freed from having to switch any dials and introduce the risk of selecting the wrong function.

www.construction.tyvek.com Siding — whether vinyl, wood, stucco, brick, or composite — does not completely prevent air and water penetration. Tyvek HomeWrap is a secondary defense to help manage a home's wall systems by serving as a protective layer under siding and over the sheathing. The Tyvek weatherization membrane wraps around a home over the wood or foam sheathing, cut out aro...

The buildings in an architectural ensemble are like the instruments in a musical ensemble, sounding together to create a compelling whole. The harmonious outcome is more important than any individual part. The conscientious arrangement of buildings in concert with cars and landscape elements creates more than a place: it creates a world unto itself.

Decra Tile offers builders a lightweight alternative to traditional tile with the promise of a more resilient product. Weighing in at 1.5 lbs./sq. ft. installed, Decra can withstand winds up to 120 mph is rated for Class 4 Impact. Composed of zinc, aluminum alloy coated steel with an acrylic bonded stone chip finish, this tile can be used in any climate affording builders and homeowners the opp...

High gross profit is the first critical step to reaching high net profit. Our most recent study of 94 client builders' financial results for 2003 proves the strong correlation between gross and net (as shown in the chart below). Builders of varying sizes, from all parts of the country, participated in this Builder Financial Study.

Warm Edge I spacer conserves energy and maximizes the performances of thermal windows by reducing the transfer of heat and cold air from the outside to the inside of the home. It is engineered to minimize the seepage of moisture into the home. This flexible glass spacer insulator can be used in windows of any size or shape and requires minimal installation.

Gold Bond brand 1-Inch Fire-Shield Shaftliner XP gypsum panels consist of a fire-resistant type X gypsum core encased in a heavy, 100 percent recycled purple paper on the face and back sides. Resistant to moisture, mold and mildew, the face paper is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core.

Urban redevelopment provides numerous opportunities to builders, particularly smaller ones, for whom a small lot can present a world of opportunity. Villa Carabelli Townhomes in Cleveland, for example, turned an underutilized 1.4-acre parking lot into 20 upscale, four-story townhouses. This was a unique lot and a unique development, because Alta House, a pillar of Cleveland's Little Italy neigh...

The next generation of audio cable is here. The Crystal Series of high-end cables ensures that home theater enthusiasts (and their builders) will experience the full potential of electronic components. These cables are touted to deliver richer, more detailed sound with a wider dynamic range by virtue of their higher strand count and an oxygen-free bare copper center, an ideal conductor for pure...

New year's resolutions, made with determination before 12/31, rarely survive. Resolutions typically involve improving our personal lives: eat less, exercise more, etc. The list goes on, but changing behavior because of a change on the calendar rarely proves motivation enough to make what we resolve reality.

A new single-speed router kit KM12SC is ergonomically designed and comes with both a plunge and fixed-base attachment. It's a follow-up to the variable-speed KM12VC kit released in September 2004. Both are designed for precise groove cuts, chamfering, trimming, shaping and pattern cutting, and feature an 11 Amp, 1-1/4 horsepower motor that operates at a quiet 79.

For many high-end custom builders, selling spec houses is an alluring alternative to the hassles of dealing with well-heeled clients: Build what you want and sell it later...Of course, there's that catch. You have to carry the spec until it sells. Here's a Texas builder with some great ideas on how to market highly visible specs, and use the notoriety that brings to drive more custom clients to...

Scotchgard Protector is now offered on American Standard's Cadet Round and Cadet Oval countertop sinks, which helps to make the surfaces easier to keep clean. With Scotchgard Protector, it is easy to wipe away toothpaste, lotions, makeup and other grime from the sink. And, the unique finish allows water to bead up and run off into the drain instead of collecting in the sink.

Several e-mails lately have sought suggestions on ways to retain employees. Perhaps the best way to address this is to first determine what motivates people to make changes in the first place. After 20+ years in the search business, we have seen or heard most of them. While our findings are not scientific, they are time tested.

Each of the case studies in this article tells us something we can build upon in creating future master-planned communities, particularly in what we have learned in the last 10 years since Celebration. The four cornerstones of planning must be: Let's look at each point. Too few developers consider the long-range effect development has on the local area, whereas the local public officials and po...

Delta Simply PUR Water Filtration System is a partnership between Delta and PUR. This filtration system brings bottled-water quality through your kitchen faucet. The all inclusive filtration system processes water through three stages of filtration to reduce the amount of sediments and contaminants in drinking water while retaining fluoride and minerals.

Accessory units, or living spaces that are secondary to the main home, are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Also called "granny flats," especially when located above a detached garage, these units have unique advantages for the builder and the buyer. (See Taking Granny (Flats) To Market, p. 179.) From a design point of view, builders should consider two main aspects: the site and the floor ...

New in the TradeMaster line are two new tamper-resistant ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles, one with a built-in hallway light that uses a high-output LED for better illumination and longer life. Tamper-resistance features include a UL-listed and automatic mechanical shutter system that prevents objects from being inserted into the receptacle.

www.huberwood.com AdvanTech flooring and sheathing panels are high-performance structural panels specifically engineered to provide more water resistance and stability than plywood. AdvanTech panels carry a 50-year limited warranty not to require sanding due to moisture adsorption during installation.

Never has a homeowner walked a model home and asked the salesperson about building science. New home shoppers expect that their new home automatically includes a living environment as comfortable as it is beautiful. Delivering on this expectation is building science. So what is building science? In this series we will answer that question in detail, but first let's begin with a definition: buil...

Designed to keep attics cooler and reduce the amount of heat that enters a home through the roof. Plytanium Sheathing is composed of plywood backed by a highly reflective aluminum foil. It should be installed foil side down, the radiant barrier sheathing can lower attic temperatures up to 30 F thereby transferring less heat to the living space through the ceiling so indoor temperatures stay coo...

Brick remains a favorite building material for many home builders and home buyers. Surveys from the National Association of Home Builders show that 60 percent of American home buyers prefer brick homes. When asked, buyers also say they prefer variety in their neighborhoods. Yet the larger the development, the harder a builder must work to differentiate one home from another — not to menti...


In addition to its standard construction adhesives, DAP offers line intended for regulations requiring low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Both standard and low-VOC lines offer high-performance Beats the Nail adhesive and other job-specific products, and both come in color coded packaging for fast and easy product selection.

www.trusjoist.com With seven joist manufacturing plants and more than 70 distribution centers located strategically across North America, Trus Joist, a Weyerhaeuser business, strives to make specifying, purchasing and installing Silent Floor joists a hassle-free experience. Silent Floor joists are not limited by the dimensions or inconsistencies of ordinary sawn lumber.

In Bothell, Wash., located near Seattle, builder CamWest Development created a Craftsman-style neighborhood set within nature — the North Creek Project. This eight-acre site consists of a collection of small homes on small lots at a density of 14.5 units per developed acre, for 33 units in all.

Jobclock system and software enables contractors to manage employee timecards through an electronic keying and tracking system. The Jobclock is battery-powered and because it is designed to resist dust, grime, vibration and spray it can be locked down anywhere at a jobsite. Workers clock in and out by utilizing green and red "key tabs" that they carry on their key rings.

It is the time of the year where many of us look back and review what was accomplished — what improvements were made and evaluate top priorities for the current year. At Professional Builder this is a most pleasing experience. The look back over the past year brings memories of many positive improvements and achievements by a staff of which I am quite proud.

Quick, what's your average gross margin? When will your business break even? How much money did you spend on sales and marketing this year? How much money should you spend on sales and marketing next year? What's your debt ratio? When will you need to hire your next employee? When do you need to increase your credit line? Did you have an answer for every question? Outstanding busin...

Based on the anti-microbial properties of engineered silver, which has long proven to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria, ForSite is a mold prevention product. Suitable for construction materials such as plywood, boards, drywall, osb/sheating, concrete panels and other masonry products, it may be coated before or after installation.

Betting that this delightfully detailed 6,200-square-foot luxury home designed to resemble a classic New England carriage house, would place first in the hearts of affluent empty-nester buyers in his upstate New York market, custom builder John Witt created this one-of-a-kind spec-built model to launch Saratoga Farm, the first equestrian-oriented development to be built in Saratoga County.

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