PB July 1999

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It is hard to believe that the first personal computer was developed just 20 years ago.

Last year was one of the best years home builders have seen in a long time.

Builders and developers have been winning arguments before the Supreme Court for several years now, each time building on the legal ground of their previous victory.

Where will you be five years from today?

Home building is unique because it is the only industry that strives for customer satisfaction without expecting to profit from repeat sales.

There are two common reasons the majority home builders' offer for not embracing green building and sustainable design: They don't want to throw out everything they know and re-learn how to build green houses. It costs too much to build green houses.

Being a green builder isn't only about the homes built.

It may not be cost-effective for smaller builders to hire a team of color consultants, and custom builders, by definition, work with their buyers to achieve individual color schemes.

Lewis Kostiner's pride and joy is 850 West Adams, five blocks west of the Seart Tower.

Of the publicly-traded home builders in the top tier of PB's Giants rankings, none is held in higher esteem by Wall Street analysts than Miami-based, Sun Belt-focused Lennar Corp.

Burgess Park, a high-density neighborhood of 33 detached homes near downtown Menlo Park, California is a good candidate for the benchmark against which all infill developments should be measured.

Fannie Mae and NAHB are demonstrating their continued support of green building through a new partnership that will test and develop a menu of mortgage financing products based on environmentally-efficient criteria.

In what some have called a landmark case, the U.S. Supreme Court has braced individual property owners' rights over government regulation.

The green building concept has been catching on so well that web sites devoted to the topic are cropping up everywhere.

One of the main tools in builders' efforts to create the best possible residential environment is higher-density housing, including townhouses and apartments as well as detached houses.

A new Internet-based service is providing hiring muscle to builders feeling the labor crunch.

One thing more than any other convinced me to pursue a career in journalism--the variety.

Those irrepressible baby boomers are at it again.

Buyers expect and deserve a lot from their homes.

South Carolina neotraditional developer Robert Turner built a national reputation by extending Beaufort's beautiful and historic neighborhoods replicating classic period architectureon adjacent land assemblies.

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