PB July 2002

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How does one stay up to date on trends in kitchen and bath design?

Legacy Series French doors have a 2 1/4-inch-thick door panel in heights up to 10 feet along with four 4-inch adjustable hinges.

Made of Silgranit, a mixture of granite and acrylic resin, BlancoDiamond kitchen sinks come in single-bowl and 1 3/4-bowl configurations.

Savannah is a maple, raised-panel, puffy miter door style for the kitchen. Drawer fronts feature a five-piece raised center panel.

A war is brewing, and you could get caught in the middle of it.

Knowing how to decipher the stamp found on oriented strand board can save time and money.

Collated fasteners designed for Spanish tile roof projects have extra-sharp points to pierce roofing glaze and, when used with Pam’s countersinking screw gun, help reduce the number of broken tiles, the company says.

HomeChoice composite cables are UL-verified to Category 5e structured cabling system standards.

Visualize your projects with the Home Quick Planner and 3-D Home Kit.

Saturdays in the suburban community where I live are devoted to basically one thing — errands.

There are good, dependable drywall contractors, and then there are those whose passion for gypsum knows no bounds.


Made for smaller homes, condominiums, townhouses and apartments, the OmniLT controller has been enhanced.

The IB75 gas fireplace is designed to offer the appearance of a masonry unit.

If you’re a small builder who thinks your only recourse against the increasing purchasing power of large national builders is relationships with trade contractors, think again

Eyebrow casement windows feature double weatherstripping — a foam-filled compression strip around the frame and a flexible vinyl strip around the sash.

It’s easy to focus on the national, the big picture. National is exciting

Tim Hernandez, president of New Urban Communities in Delray Beach, Fla., has purchased many land parcels during his 18 years in home building.

Handi-Light is a 13-watt fluorescent work light with a lamp life rated at 10,000 hours, the company says.

Newport Brick and Stratford Slate are two new fiber-cement profiles.

The data indicate that most home buying decisions are made within a relatively short time.

The SBE750 1/2-inch hammer drill has a maximum tightening torque of 159 inch-pounds and offers 3/4-inch capacity in concrete, 1/2-inch capacity in steel and 1 1/2-inch capacity in softwood, the company says.

A Roman-inspired dish base conceals the air intake on the free-standing Naos tub.

The Kingston porch railing system is designed to eliminate the peeling paint, warped balusters, sagging rails and maintenance associated with wood railings.

If you’ve ever tuned to The History Channel, MTV, Fox News or just about any other cable channel, you’ve seen the work of Robin Fisher Roffer, brand strategist.

Generally something you avoid stepping on, broken glass is becoming a hot new flooring option, with a handful of artisans and manufacturers offering tile made from melted recycled glass.

Made from northern oak, Westchester Strip has micro-beveled edges for easier installation and to subtly distinguish the individual boards.


LPI 225 and 300 series I-joists, introduced in the company’s western market last year, are now available in the eastern United States.

The PL line of canned adhesives includes 10 new job-specific products.

In home building, making predictions is risky.

Colors affect every aspect of our lives, even home buying.

Axxis washers feature a computer system designed to take guesswork out of doing the wash.

Moderna Signature engineered wood flooring is a 9.1-millimeter product offered in six wood-grain patterns: Vermont maple, Valley beech, Red Natural oak, Butterscotch oak, Mount Vernon cherry and Classic gunstock.

For years now, new and higher impact fees have been the nemesis of home building associations in most places across the country.

DuoLink twin-tongue glueless laminate flooring has a moisture-resistant fiberboard core with moisture-sealed edges; a wear-resistant overlay; and a direct-pressure laminate backer.

Many builders cope with mediocre performers by creating less confrontational means of removing them.

It’s not called drywall for nothing.

The 12 colors in the wine-inspired Valley Vineyards & Spices palette of wall paint include Sangria, Cayenne, Merlot and Cabernet.

This fully integrated trash compactor features hidden controls and a customizable door panel that can be fitted with panels to match cabinetry or with colored or stainless steel panels to match other KitchenAid appliances.

When I was a kid, I got upset that everyone got mail but me.


Bring fresh air inside with Pro-Series door glass vents.

With all the buzz about green products, it is difficult to make informed choices on building materials.

Instead of an F-clamp screw operation that moves the jaws slowly, the Quick-Jaw PowerCam clamp has a lever handle that moves forward in one activation for maximum (more than 1/4-ton) clamping force.

Montoro clay roof tiles feature an interlock at the head and side lap for maximum weather protection and conform to the ASTM C1167 standard specification for Grade 1 roof tiles.

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