PB July 2003

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Thanks to the rhetoric of politicians, the image of builders as land pillagers is widespread. Thus, when builders use some of their hard-earned profit for charity, they should do so in a very public way.

Advanced framing techniques help builders reduce the amount of lumber used while maintaining structural integrity.

Cabinets open the door to greater design flexibility in any room in the house.

A two-story Colonial in Westborough, Mass., models the system approach to home building.

Learn from the experiences of others for yourself, your family, your employees and your company.

Toll Brothers Inc. bucked up for Web technology it hopes will address one of the most bothersome traits associated with real estate Web sites.

For Larry Sietsma, founder of Melbourne, Fla.-based Holiday Builders, selling his company to its employees through an ESOP proved the perfect exit strategy.

Donald Allen of D.O. Allen Homes in Lynchburg, Va., gets away on as many as six full hunting trips each year.

Dave Showers, former CEO of Akron, Ohio-based Wayne Homes, made headlines in April 1998 when he closed the sale of the scattered-lot home building pioneer to Centex.

The recently enacted $350 billion tax cut will move the economy and the housing sector forward by stimulating consumer spending and capital investment.

For many builders, finding a tolerable path into retirement is the toughest management challenge of all. Here's how to get started.

Young, on the move and 38.8 million strong, the surging Hispanic population is the nation's largest minority group, the Census Bureau reported last month.

Newport Beach, Calif.-based Fieldstone Communities launched in 1981 with an exit strategy already in place.

Look for more deals in coming months that mirror Detroit-area builder Gary Tadian's sale of minority interest in Tadian Homes to California investment behemoth Institutional Housing Partners.

Advanced framing techniques help builders reduce the amount of lumber used while maintaining structural integrity. They not only lower costs, they also result in improved thermal performance.

The federal government will open bidding on 3,700 acres in Orange County, Calif., this fall, and the real estate community will pay close attention.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service recently declared the Endangered Species Act broken and in need of repair.

The kitchen and bath industry has exploded with new, exciting products during the past few years.

Your personal success is the result of only a measure of your personal drive and talents; the rest has to do with the people around you.

A new crop of brokers aims to fill that niche with services that go beyond simply finding multifamily and mixed-use sites.

A new breed of termite control technologies enlarges builders' arsenal.

These four illustrated steps show the preferred method for a home with any sort of lap siding.

The Subdivision, our show about a superintendent's typical day in the field, would be a money-making blockbuster as well as educational for builders.

Sophisticated San Franciscans don't often venture to Colma, Calif., just south of the city.

Charlotte, N.C., partners Ray Killian and Allan Simonini have turned Simonini Builders into a pillar of excellence, winning a National Housing Quality Award and a local business ethics award in recent years while building 50 to 60 houses a year and ave...

Like in any project, the better the interview plan, the better the outcome. Try these tips for a first visit.

Bill Paulsen led Charlotte, N.C.-based Summit Properties through a real estate investment trust initial public offering in 1994 that ensured his personal wealth.

Here each month, management consultant Chuck Shinn details how builders can hit financial ratios that lead to double-digit net profits.

You can't afford not to pay attention to key indicators for sales and marketing. Study the numbers, ask yourself why you might be missing your targets and adjust.

Consumer sentiment: Builders should focus on delivering comfort and connections.

Wisconsin builders Jeff Rosenberg and David Simon bet they can do what any number of brothers fail to do: work as partners in one home building business, Veridian Homes.

Once regarded merely as a place to lather up and rinse off, the shower now is seen as a sanctuary.

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