PB July 2005

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In this month's special report, contributing editor Cynthia Kemper dissects color — how to choose the appropriate palette, the right way to apply color to architecture on a home and in a community and the many ways color influences buyer behaviors. As you probably anticipate, there isn't much discussion of the varying shades of beige with a little taupe or brown mixed in for visual excite...

Strange, how something you read or hear today can suddenly trigger a memory. I was paging through this Sunday's builder display ads. You know these ads, they're the ones you all hate to write many-thousand-dollar checks for, but still do because, well, everyone else does and if they do and you don't.

Although Toll Brothers is known for master-planned communities in various parts of the country, Aviano is the largest project ever for the Arizona division, since Toll Brothers bought Geoffrey H. Edmunds & Associates, a privately-owned, Scottsdale-based luxury home builder in 1995. Within Aviano, Toll Brothers created seven neighborhoods, each containing a collection of different house plans.

With water infiltration identified as the leading cause of hurricane damage to homes, the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) developed this list of strategies to help keep wind-driven moisture out of houses.

Endura released the Wood Clad Ultimate Astragal. Used with French Doors this product offers many of the same features as the Ultimate Astragal, including a patented three-point seal between the active door, inactive door and sill as well as strike and deadbolt adjustability. The Wood Clad Astragal is available in Douglas fir, Oak, Mahogany and Pine.

Designing homes with HVAC systems that provide optimal indoor air quality can affect your bottom line as a builder as well as your future homeowner's health and quality of life. Building homes that are comfortable are important to long-term customer satisfaction. Proper ventilation, ducting and thoughtful floor plans will influence the quality of life for your new homes' owners as well as ensur...

With the multitude of architectural, environmental and site considerations involved in home building today, the application of color is often reduced to a last minute perusal of variations on white, beige and gray. Yet, a growing number of respected builders are challenging suburban and urban monotony and using color as a powerful tool in their marketing mix.

We are interested in a few key things when it comes to job candidates: It is often difficult to ferret out pertinent information from a candidate's resume. An objective and/or a professional summary can distract from the really pertinent information.

Looking for a way to differentiate your homes from those of the big public builders? Here's a strategy that's working for Houston builder Brian Binash and figures to become more popular as energy costs continue to rise. Like many private production builders, Binash's new Houston partnership with Austin-based Wilshire Homes needed to find a niche to avoid the Giant public ...

In this month's issue, we sit down with new home sales professionals Garrett Carson, Jeff Kaizer and Brad Dunaway: John Rymer: Many home sales professionals attribute their success to effective Realtor relations. Have Realtors played an important role in your success? How do you find the top Realtors in your area, and how do you make sure they stay aware of you and your community?

"The major story going on in this country is that people are trying to find a nice place to live," says Lou Marquet, a builder bent on proving that style and craftsmanship is a competitive edge in a world of builders battling over price and square footage. A principal and executive vice president of LeylandAlliance, a building and development company in Tuxedo, N.Y.

SOKO has expanded its Manhandles Collection by offering mirrored images of the seven original Manhandle pulls as well as large entry versions. Designed by San Francisco artist Cari Jaye Sokoloff, the collection features sculptural figures in five poses. The original line and its newly released mirrored counterpart come in 6 3/8 and 11 3/4 inches.

The previous five financial management articles stressed discipline and systems, the importance of a solid accounting set up and the critical need for budgeting. Last month's article discussed how our fictitious builder, Chris Smith, analyzes and reacts to his monthly financial statements. This final installment of the financial management series will summarize the discussion Chris had with his...

The Stanley MaxLife tripod flashlight enables builders to work in confined areas without having to juggle a tool in one hand and a light in the other. Stanley's tripod Flashlight provides full dexterity while supplying ample lighting. This LED flashlight has an articulating head, which allows the user to focus the beam of light wherever it is needed.

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