PB July 2007

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Now that insurance costs have escalated and some states prohibit express indemnities, it's time to focus on delivering even greater quality. But who will take on this task?

Don't let the market get in the way of a new-home sale. AVID Ratings' Paul Cardis explains how you can reduce your cancellations and make a profit.

From hurricanes to tornadoes, PATH explains how home builders can utilize storm-resistant technologies.

Imagine you've been working for hours on the description of an important new project and someone down the street hits a power pole. All the electricity in your area goes out. How would you feel if your document was not saved? All that work and time were wasted and you need the project description tomorrow for a bank presentation.

Several home technology products currently on the market for home automation and digital entertainment are featured.

Every home builder has stories about clients who make the home building process much more complicated with their demanding personality or with their personal demands. When conflicts arise, finding a resolution can be smooth and speedy — or result in headaches all around, depending on how well the builder and his team are prepared to respond.

We live in a time in this industry when we need to rely on fundamental truths. We need passion to revitalize us and carry us through. And we need reason, thoughtfulness and care to make smart decisions to mitigate risk and improve our position.

This new product overview features unique wash basins, an energy-efficient air conditioner and a deck board fastener.

Home building industry experts offer a look at some of the road hazards on the HR expressway and ideas on how to maneuver them.

Today's doors — often made of composite materials — are much stronger, better insulated and, in many cases, a dynamic part of the exterior décor. Here’s how a new garage door can add a massive amount of curb appeal to a home.

Home builders must differentiate themselves by offering high-performance features and exceptional customer service. But one must ensure that what's promised to home buyers is ultimately delivered — or face the potential risk of litigation.

Featured in the July 2007 edition of Professional Builder's In My Own Words: HB&G, BlueLinx/Georgia-Pacific, Windsor Windows & Doors, Carrier and Rinnai.

Home builders remain among the toughest classes of business to insure, but the insurance market has begun to soften for them. Large builders in particular are seeing increased competition among insurers; better terms and conditions; and even better pricing.

Land and its affiliated debt has always been a home builder's Achilles heel, causing many builders to fail. As the market stabilizes this year and builders begin to acquire land, they need to reestablish good land acquisition risk management techniques.

Hamlet Homes is contributing to the downtown revitalization of Murray, Utah with Inverness Square, a community that embraces the principles of New Urbanism.

Misrepresenting your product is a giant risk for home builders. John Rymer explains how to avoid the risk.

A variety of business software solutions for home building companies are presented.

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