PB July 2008

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We look at termite barriers and pesticide-free termite control to help you combat the buggers as you build.

Professional Builder presents the winners of the NAHB 50+ Housing Council's Best of 50+ Housing Awards.

Editorial Director Paul Deffenbaugh encourages home builders to pull themselves up.

One-fifth of home buyers are single women, yet this market has been largely ignored by builders. Here’s how to get noticed.

Here are some practical antidotes to profit killers in your company.

What does 11,000 gallons of water have to do with home building? Read on to find out.

Smart homebuilders are already offering programs to get credit-challenged customers qualified.

Homebuilders should address tough customer issues before they turn into PR nightmares.

Homebuilders need a streamlined operation that can grow easily. Here are 10 ways to build that business.

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